About Don Goergen, O.P.

Don Goergen is a Dominican friar of the Chicago, USA Province. He is a preacher, lecturer, teacher and author. Don has written and taught primarily in the areas of christology and spirituality in the United States as well as in Africa and Asia. He has been a member of a Dominican Ashram community from its beginning in 1999 and continues to teach and preach. His most recent writing is Fire of Love: Encountering the Holy Spirit. One can check his work further at http://www.op.org/don/ .

A lot like Balaam

Monday of 3rd week of Advent, based on Numbers 24:2-7,15-17

John, a Preacher

Death of John the Baptist, based on Mark 6:14-29

He is risen

Easter, based on John 20:1-8