Joan Bukrey, O.S.F.

About Joan Bukrey, O.S.F.

Since 1989 Joan Bukrey , OSF has been a full time preacher with the Thomas More Center in Webster, WI . As part of the team, she travels with Mike Champlin, OP and Nick Punch, OP (Central Province) giving parish missions in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Joan is a member of The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in Milwaukee, WI. Her background includes teaching, parish work, adult formation and now preaching. She has a Masters degree in religious studies from St. Louis, University. She was born and raised in St. Paul, MN USA.

We Begin Our Journey With Jesus To Jerusalem

Wednesday of 5th Week of Lent, based on John 11:45-56


Wednesday of 6th Week, based on Genesis 8:6-13,20-22, Mark 8:22-26

Flood insurance

Thursday of the 1st week of Advent, based on Matthew 7:21,24-27

Wait for one another

Monday of 24th Week, based on 1 Corinthians 11:18-24,33, , Luke 7:1-10, , After Jesus had finished all his sayings in the hearing of the people, he entered Capernaum. A centurion there had a slave whom he valued highly, and who was ill and close to death. When he heard about Jesus, he

Our Godlike Gift

Thursday of 12th Week, based on Matthew 9:1-8

The giving fig tree

Friday of 8th Week, based on Mark 11:11-26