Explanation of Rating System

In order to get feedback on our preaching to help us get better, we are trying a three part  feedback system: Comments, Overall rating, and Categorical Rating. Feel free to use any or all of the three parts on any particular preaching.

Comments are the best way for individuals to get feedback on their own preaching. The star-ratings system is easier to use and can help us to identify great preaching. I will later add pages to highlight preaching that gets the highest scores overall and those that excel in these various categories so that we can all hear what great preaching sounds like. This is another way to improve our own preaching.

Right now, this feedback system (including the comments) it is only visible to the preachers, so that we can give each other honest feedback.

5 Star Rating System

The website is employing a 5-star rating system to quickly and easily evaluate preaching. So that we can communicate effectively, let us agree that this is what these various levels mean:

  • 1 star: seriously flawed in this area
  • 2 stars: needs attention to this area
  • 3 stars: good enough or or “no opinion” in this area
  • 4 stars: better than average in this area
  • 5 stars: exemplary or outstanding in this area.

Categories of Analysis:

  • Impact on listener: Does this preaching leave a lasting impact on the hearer? Does it motivate one to change or to accept the Gospel more deeply? Will it be remembered tomorrow?
  • Engaging image/story: If the preaching uses a story or image, it this image engaging? Does it fit and support the overall message? Can people relate to it?
  • Concrete Message: Is the message connected to real life experience and people’s real concerns? Can people relate to this preaching? Will it change them in some helpful way?
  • Use of Scripture: Does the preaching spring from the scripture reading? Is the preacher proclaiming the message of scripture rather than simply explaining it?
  • Coherence: Is there one, simple, clear, central idea? Is the preaching easy to follow?
  • Use of voice: Is the preacher’s voice animated and lively? Does the preacher sound enthusiastic about the message? Do I enjoy listening to this voice?
  • Creative/interesting: Did the preaching engage you or spark your interest? Did this creative turn improve the message of the preaching or did it distract?

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