Reflection: Crazy, yes, let’s do it

St.. Luke, based on Luke 10:1-9

A Christian model of conflict

23rd Sunday , based on Matthew 18:15-20

The Peace of Salvation

Saturday of week 13 of the year, based on Psalm 85:8-14

Walk the Talk

Thursday of 12th week, based on Matthew 7:21-29

Fear Not

Saturday of 2nd week of Easter, based on John 6:16-21

How is your heart today

Friday of 13th week, based on Matthew 9:9-13

Peace to life: faith, hope and love

Wednesday of 22nd week of Ordinary Time, based on Colossians 1:1-18, Luke 4:38-44

(This preaching was originally given on Sept. 5, 2007)

The arrow is peace

Wednesday of 6th week of Easter, based on John 16:12-15

Dedicated to peace

5th Sunday of Easter, based on 1 John 3:18-24