We All Have To Cash in Our Chips Eventually

Wednesday of 33rd Week in Ordinary Time, based on Luke 19: 11 – 27

Good fruit — assured good wine

Friday of the 22nd Week, based on Luke 5:33-39

God’s persistent love

Saturday of 32nd week, based on Luke 18:1-8

It’s all we need

Wednesday of 25th week, based on Luke 9:1-6

Powerlessness and the power of God

Saturday of 16th week, based on Matthew 20:20-28

Wise investments

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, based on 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, Matthew 25:14-30

God never withdraws his arms from his work

Thursday of 17th week, based on Matthew 13:47-53

The reign of God: nothing can stop it

Monday of 17th week, based on Matthew 13:31-35

The tolerant, unstoppable Reign of God

16th Saturday Ordinary Time, based on Matthew 13: 24-30

Martin Luther King Jr., New Wine, and the Reign of God

, based on Mark 2:18-22