Dependency on God


Scripture passage from the New Revised Standard Version Bible: Catholic Edition, copyright 1989, 1993, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Dr. Laura Dejmek, O.P.

About Dr. Laura Dejmek, O.P.

Laura is a single, Lay Dominican living in Chicago Illinois. Her life experiences include teaching elementary school music to children ages six through twelve. Laura is a regular ecumenical preacher at two Episcopal parishes in the suburbs of Chicago. She is the Promoter of Preaching for Lay Dominicans in the Central Province of the United States. Laura received her doctorate in ministry in preaching via the ACTS D.Min in Preaching program in Chicago. Laura received her Master of Divinity degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, Illinois with a double concentration in Biblical Studies and Liturgy. She is the first Master of Divinity student at Catholic Theological Union to complete this degree with a double concentration. In addition, to having a Master’s of Music, Laura is a classically-trained soprano.

2 thoughts on “Dependency on God

  1. Laura,

    Thank you for a well thought out homily with much practical advice about people’s daily lives. Several of your observations have been helpful to me in preparing my own homily for this Sunday.

    Fr. Jim

  2. Thank you.


    I knelt and prayed for guidance
    Not sure what I should do
    In my hour of desolation
    I could only think of you

    You’ve been there every morning
    You’ve helped me come to see
    That even in my weakness
    You’ll always stand with me

    In your mercy and your kindness
    I’ve been safe as safe can be
    Not fully understanding
    The gifts you’ve given me

    You are my ray of sunshine
    That helps me find my way
    It’s your grace and your compassion
    That protects me day by day

    In you I find the reason
    For every breath I take
    The answer to the riddle
    For every choice I make

    Please help me in my emptiness
    When I don’t know what to do
    Please help me to remember
    I can always count on you

    Lead me in your kindness
    In your truth and in your grace
    Help me stand in wonder
    In your holy, sacred place

    Touch me with your holiness
    Help me come to see
    The most special gift you’ve given
    Is that with me you’ve come to be

    © Jim Espinosa 2009

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