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I am a lay Dominican and member of the St. Mary Magdalene Chapter community in Tempe, AZ. At the present, I am serving as the Formation Director and also enjoy being the Promoter of Formation for the Western Province. I have meen married to my husband Lee for 44 years. He is retired calling himself a "recovering attorney" I substitute teach at Seton Catholic H.S. on a regular basis. It keeps me busy, thinking and generally out of trouble. Also, makes it possible for me to visit children and grandchildren. Lee and I visit as often as possible our children, family and friends in Grand Junction, CO, Boston, MA and my home town, Kankakee, IL. I have an undergraduate degree in education and a masters degree in pastoral theology from Loyola University in Chicago. I am an avid animal lover, some days liking dogs better than people. Reading, walking and sharing a glass of wine and good conversation with my Dominican sisters and brothers are favorite pastimes. My good friend and Dominican sister, Karen Woods, convinced me to do this as a way to promote lay Dominicans. Catherine of Siena, I hope you are listening and willing to assist your lay Dominican sister!!! Thank you.

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